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Tom Brady Already Regretting Unretirement After Seeing Aaron Donald Work Out

Liam McKeone
Aaron Donald
Aaron Donald / Kevin C. Cox/GettyImages

Tom Brady appeared on the Dan Patrick Show on Wednesday to chat about all sorts of things, including but not limited to his decision to return to football after announcing his retirement in early February. Brady told Dan Patrick that he just felt the competitive drive to come back and said out loud what we all were thinking, which is that he might be crazy.

Then Brady jokingly said that he was having some regrets after seeing Aaron Donald's workouts on Instagram and wondering if he should've just stayed retired.

An understandable feeling!

Brady will have plenty of time to ponder that video before Donald and the rest of the Los Angeles Rams visit Tampa Bay in November for a playoff rematch. He'll probably feel some more of this regret after Donald bull-rushes up the middle for a sack once or twice.