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Tony Romo, Jim Nantz Break Down Negotiations Between Fan and Bucs Official For Tom Brady's 600th TD Ball

Liam McKeone

Tom Brady threw his 600th career TD pass against the Chicago Bears on Sunday afternoon. He threw it to Mike Evans. Evans, who was not aware he caught the milestone TD, gave the ball away to a Bucs fan sitting front row in the end zone with his jersey on.

Naturally, somebody came to grab the ball from the fan. If Brady doesn't want it, the Pro Football Hall of Fame certainly does. The fan and the team official seemed to engage in some kind of negotiation before the fan gave the ball back.

Tony Romo and Jim Nantz did what they do best and broke down the action as it occurred.

Tracy Wolfson later came on the broadcast to report the fan was promised a signed jersey in exchange for the ball. Romo and Nantz both agreed it was a bad deal.

I'm inclined to agree. That ball could be worth a lot of money. Like, a lot of money. Plenty of people out there have signed Tom Brady jerseys, but there's only one 600th touchdown ball. Under pressure in the moment, the fan relented, and he will probably regret it.

Here's Evans' reaction when he was told what he did.

A pure moment. Perhaps not for that fan, though.