Todd McShay, Battling Coronavirus, Couldn't Bring Himself to Watch the NFL Draft From Hospital Bed

Stephen Douglas
Todd McShay
Todd McShay / Mark Brown/Getty Images

Todd McShay appeared on the latest episode of The Adam Schefter Podcast to talk about the NFL Draft and his experience fighting coronavirus. With some pushing from Schefter, McShay relived his horrible experience with COVID-19. The effects of the virus that kept him from working the 2020 NFL Draft lasted for weeks and had him curling up in blankets between television appearances earlier in the month.

McShay did not watch the draft from a hospital bed because he knew what he was missing and felt like he was letting everyone down. He was finally able to rewatch in the early hours of the weekend.

His description of his experience, coupled with the disappointment he was feeling, sounds incredibly rough. He describes the exhaustion as being worse than two-a-day college football practices in 100 degree heat in Virginia. You have to wonder how many descriptions of mild cases of this virus by trusted personalities it will take for this to become real to some people.