Todd McShay: Bryce Young Is a Smaller Patrick Mahomes

Kyle Koster
NFL Combine
NFL Combine / Michael Hickey/GettyImages

Bryce Young was a fantastic collegiate quarterback. He's also on the smallish side, even after bulking up for his NFL Combine weigh-in. Combine these two elements and you have the most intriguing story of the NFL Draft, especially because the Chicago Bears have the first pick, a young quarterback of their own who is halfway decent and could get better, and franchise signal-callers do not grow on trees.

Poll any NFL expert or hard-working draftnik and you'll get a different answer about Young's pro prospects. Todd McShay, speaking on Get Up this morning, laid out the state of play.

Young is a tremendous talent capable of dominating for a decade. He's also a walking injury concern. A smaller Patrick Mahomes if he can be on the field. And a Tua Tagovailoa situation if he cannot.

That sound you hear is countless NFL front office people agonizing over the prospect of putting their job on the line to take Young. Just from a human perspective, it's hard to pass on someone who can garner Mahomes comparisons even if there is a very recent example of a diminutive Alabama product who has had a tough go of it.

Swapping a Fields for a Young to reset the rookie contract is not something I believe the Bears should do. But who could blame them? And every other team not enthralled with their current quarterback room should take the risk and worry about the rest later. Of course, it's easy to say that with no skin in the game.