TMZ's Charles Latibeaudiere Says NFL Employees Went to the Casino and Saw the Ray Rice Video

Ryan Glasspiegel
Charles Latibeaudiere on FS1 - Ray Rice
Charles Latibeaudiere on FS1 - Ray Rice / Mike Sham

TMZ’s Charles Latibeaudiere was a guest on FS1’s Fox Sports Live Monday evening to discuss Ray Rice.

“We have spoken to multiple sources at Revel Casino, which of course is now closed, but we’ve spoken to people who were working there at the time,” he said. “And we are assured that someone from the NFL — it wasn’t Roger Goodell walking in, we know that — but there were people from the NFL who came and saw the video. So now the question becomes how much of that information got back to Roger Goodell, and did he ever see an actual copy of the video?”

Could he name names?

“We don’t know who it was,”Latibeaudiere said. “We just know that employees of the NFL were at the casino to see the video.”

It’s unclear if this is part of the bombshell that Harvey Levin promised earlier, but it seemingly contradicted Levin’s presumption that the NFL had deliberately avoided seeing the tapes. However, if TMZ does have hard evidence, as opposed to just hearsay, of league officials having viewed the casino surveillance tapes, that would mean that NFL spokesman Greg Aiello gave a false statement earlier today when he said that “[N]o one in our office has seen it until today.”