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Tyler Huntley Kneed T.J. Watt in the Groin Play After He Tied NFL Sack Record

Liam McKeone
Tyler Huntley vs. TJ Watt
Tyler Huntley vs. TJ Watt /

T.J. Watt entered Week 18 with 21.5 sacks, only one shy of Michael Strahan's NFL record. Watt had a favorable matchup to try to tie or even break Strahan's long-standing milestone, with the Pittsburgh Steelers visiting Baltimore to take on a very injured Ravens squad.

Watt managed to tie the record just before the end of the first half, taking down Tyler Huntley near the goal line after shedding two Ravens linemen. The next play, Watt once again had a clear path to Huntley and leapt in the air to swat the quarterback's pass to the grass. In the process, Huntley accidentally kneed Watt right where it hurts most.

T.J.'s brother J.J. thought this unfolding of events was quite funny.

Football giveth and football taketh away.