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Tito Ortiz Trolled By Scooter Enthusiasts and 'What Up Council' Guys, Chad Kroeger and JT

Stephen Douglas

Former UFC light heavyweight champion Tito Ortiz got into politics last year when he was elected to the city council of his hometown. It has been an eventful first few months in office for the Huntington Beach Bad Boy. Ortiz, a strident Donald Trump supporter who tried to have the entire state of California recounted, has refused to wear a mask, protested curfews, and even become Mayor Pro Tem. Earlier this week during a city Zoom call, Ortiz was the subject of a prank from Chad Kroeger. It was extremely funny.

The Chad Kroeger in this video is not the guy from Nickelback, but part of the Chad and JT Go Deep / What Up Council? YouTube comedy group. If Chad's real last name is Kroeger, well, that's just incredible. These guys have previously spoken to city councils about a statue for Paul Walker and a space station for Tom Cruise. They've even been on Ellen.

Anyway, the reason they spoke to Ortiz was to get some backup at the local skate park. Two eighth-graders were calling them handlebar jockeys. They don't want Tito to ragdoll these kids like Frank Shamrock. Just threaten them with violence.

Tito keeps his composure for most of the video, but either enjoys hearing about his glory days, or starts paying attention and realizes what's going on. Meanwhile, a couple other members of the council immediately react to Chad's voice. One hides her head while another laughs.

We will check back on Wednesday to see if Tito decides to do anything about the groms at the skate park.