Tito Ortiz Started a White House Petition Asking For a Full California Recount

Stephen Douglas
Tito Ortiz at a press conference.
Tito Ortiz at a press conference. / Omar Vega/Getty Images

TIto Ortiz, the former UFC light heavyweight champion, won an open seat on the Huntington Beach City Council on Tuesday. By very early Wednesday morning, he was already using his new position to enact change and challenge the system from within. Just kidding. He made a White House dot gov petition asking that California do a full recount.

Anyone who heard about Tito's city council campaign probably couldn't have imagined that he would get this crazy this quick. You were probably hoping for some viral moments in council meetings, but trying to get a recount in a state where Biden won by more than four million votes is another level. Seriously, he wants to recount more than 12.3 million votes in a state that hasn't voted Republican since 1988.

That's not all though. Just knowing this petition - created by a city council member - exists is one thing, but buddy, you have got to see it. Go on. Click. You will be blown away.

There is a typo in the petition's title. Random words are capitalized. There are poorly constructed sentences that include more typos. It ends with a baseless claim of voter fraud. It's a masterful performance and it sets the tone for a wild term for Tito.

After about 24 hours, the petition has a little over 2,500 signatures, which is quite short of the 100,000 he needs to get a response from the White House.