Seahawks-Titans Refs Make Questionable Call on Julio Jones TD Catch

Julio Jones
Julio Jones /

The Tennessee Titans visited the Seattle Seahawks today. The Titans started slow and fell down 17-6 early before showing signs of life just before halftime. On third-and-goal, Ryan Tannehill targeted Julio Jones in the back of the endzone and appeared to secure his team's first touchdown of the day.

Until it wasn't. Upon review, the referees determined Jones did not have both feet in bounds and called it incomplete. I shall let you judge for yourself:

The rules say that if Jones' heel is coming down, it has to be in-bounds to secure the catch. Just because he tapped his toe does not mean he was in-bounds. So because Jones' heel appears to have come down on the line, he was called out.

This call had rather significant ramifications as the Titans had to settle for a field goal, making the score 17-9. The Seahawks promptly marched down the field in less than a minute and scored another touchdown to go up 24-9. Momentum is a real thing, folks!

The final call on the Julio catch was... controversial. To say the least.

I am sure the Titans will be displeased about this for a while.