Tim Tebow Update: Sliced His Hand Open Trying to Catch the Ball


Tim Tebow’s tenure with the Syracuse Mets has been frustrating for all involved this year. The outfielder is hitting .163 with very little extra-base power through 77 games, and is averaging 1.27 strikeouts per game.

He could use a break and he’ll get one, but not under the best circumstances. Tebow suffered an injury to his throwing hand while trying to field a ball in the outfield. His cut required eight stitches and Tebow is now on the injured list.

It’s the second major injury of his three-year baseball career. Last season, a relatively productive campaign was derailed by a broken right hand. Guy can’t buy a break.

Tebow was riding a fair amount of momentum until his bad luck last year. He’s yet to regain it against better competition. The impossible dream still feels impossible, but maybe, just maybe, something will click and he’ll get the privilege of playing in the mecca of obstructed foul-pole views.