Tim Tebow Update: Oh No!

Kyle Koster

Tim Tebow, the most famous minor league baseball player on the planet, has suffered a significant setback in his improbable quest to make it the show. The sweet-swinging Binghamton Rumble Ponies outfielder requires surgery to address a broken right hand, according to multiple reports.

Any chance of a merit- or publicity-based September callup is likely out the window. The 30-year-old has a .273/.336/.399 line this year, a vast improvement from his bleak 2017 campaign. His six homers — and name recognition — were enough to earn him a spot in the Eastern League All-Star Game.

This is the latest setback for the bumbling Mets, a team destined to embrace the void. The Yoenis Cespedes situation, the Tebow bummer, and Noah Syndergaard contracting Coxsackie within a few days is enough to make a person believe in curses.

All is not lost for Tebow. If he improves as much between Year 2 and 3 as he did 1 to 2, he’ll be a .300 hitter and possibly make his way to Queens by sheer force. He’ll be 32 by the time next September rolls around but you know who else did their best work right around that age.

Hope springs eternal.