Tim Tebow Update: Invited to Play With the Big Boys

Kyle Koster

Newly engaged Tim Tebow is on an inevitable trek to the majors and the journey takes its next step next month. The outfielder has been invited to spring training with the big boys in Port St. Lucie. There will be coverage. Intense baseball/celebrity coverage. The very thing pundits have been saying will help the sport.

Tebow took a big step forward last year, hitting .273 with six homers and 36 RBIs for the New York Mets’ AA affiliate in Binghamton. His season was derailed in July when he broke his hand. He will turn 32 in August, so there’s no time to waste if he’s interested in putting together a Hall of Fame career.

It is very important that Tebow fare better this year than he did during last year’s tryout. The lefty notched a single hit in his 18 spring training at-bats. Most sane people understand he’s not close to sniffing the majors on merit. But wouldn’t it be fantastic if he could somehow go 15-for-26 with some power this time around?

Imagine the takes, just don’t hold your breath.