Tim Tebow Says If He Could Do It Again, He Wouldn't Change His Throwing Motion for the NFL


Tim Tebow appeared on the Pat McAfee Show 2.0 and discussed a wide range of topics in an interview that went over 20 minutes, from his NFL career to baseball to his popularity. One of the topics was Tebow’s time in Denver, including about changing his throwing motion once he went to the NFL.

McAfee asked if he was forced to change his throwing motion. “It was advised to, if I would go back, I wouldn’t have done it,” Tebow responded.

He also said one of the most difficult things about changing his motion after moving to the NFL was that videos and clips of him working on things would leak out, and it was frustrating to try to work on something or experiment, but have things taken out of context.

There’s also a part that I found amusing, because Tebow wasn’t exactly Sean McVay when it comes to remembering a play from his past. McAfee pointed out that Tebow ran a fake punt against his Colts team as punt protector (PP). Tebow gave him a quizzical look and asked “what happened on it?” McAfee said he did a dump-off pass and it was “like a 45-yard gain.” It was actually a 23-yard gain on 4th and 11, but it was the only successful fake punt pass completion for Tebow with the Jets. Probably shows you just how much he wasn’t into playing the wildcat QB/punt protector role that he doesn’t remember his biggest play as a Jet