Tim Tebow Jerseys Selling Like Hot Takes

Tim Tebow at the SHAW Bow
Tim Tebow at the SHAW Bow / Gerardo Mora/Getty Images

Tim Tebow made his tight end debut at Jacksonville Jaguars mini-camp on Thursday. He wore a jersey. You can now buy a version of that jersey at the NFL's official shop. And boy, are people doing just that. According to Adam Schefter, the top five selling things on the NFL's website right now are Tebow-related.

For $119.99 you can own a Tebow men's or women's Jaguars jersey. For $79.99 you can own a youth jersey. For $34.99 you can get a men's or women's t-shirt with his name and number. And that's it. This is just the baseline stuff. They haven't even made sweatshirts or home and away jerseys available yet. Tebow is a license for the NFL to print money and we don't even know if he'll make the team!

It's so crazy. Whether or not he plays is completely besides the point. He has transcended sports. It's been more than a decade since anyone even cared about whether he was good at a sport or not. Just that he's allowed to try whatever he wants. And people support him with their attention and money.