Tim Tebow At Least Looks Like a Real Tight End

Tim Tebow
Tim Tebow / James Gilbert/Getty Images

The Tim Tebow experiment in Jacksonville has begun. The Jags started training camp last week and Tebow, against all odds, is still on the team as a tight end. How this will all pan out is very much in question. Nobody would be surprised if Tebow got cut before the season, but it seems Urban Meyer is set on giving his former college QB a fair shot at a new position after years of playing baseball. For whatever reason.

We here at The Big Lead will give credit where credit is due, though: Tebow certainly looks like a tight end. He put on the muscle required to transform his body and prepare it for battling in the NFL trenches after four years of baseball training. The man is jacked and running routes like someone who has played tight end for more than a few months.

How that release at the line will play out against an actual cornerback/linebacker instead of a position coach will obviously define the success of this. But if we didn't all know that was Tim Tebow, it would look like the run-of-the-mill drill we'd expect from actual tight ends.

The man has the appearance down. It will soon be time to turn that perception into reality.