Tim Tebow Wears Football Uniform

Kyle Koster
UFC 261: Usman v Masvidal 2
UFC 261: Usman v Masvidal 2 / Alex Menendez/Getty Images

Tim Tebow signed a contract with the Jacksonville Jaguars early this morning and joined them on the field for some practice time. The 33-year-old, who will be playing his first-ever snaps at tight end when they get that organized, wore a No. 85 jersey and used his generous proportions to fill it out.

Here's some video evidence.

Honestly, and I am not afraid to admit this, I've lost the plot on what the Tim Tebow discourse is supposed to be at this point. Rarely does a random internet observation resonate, though, as much as this one did. It all seems a bit confusing.

It's entirely possible that we're all so used to arguing about and spinning off Tebow content that it's become muscle memory. Is he the human version of a red cape to be waved in front of a bull, eliciting a strong, immediate reaction?


As a veteran over several news cycles and reinventions, we're going to do our level-best around here not to get too caught up in any of the emotion. The best thing to do is marvel at the amount of chances this guy gets, how much he riles everyone up, and guess that deep down he's a lot more earnest than most people think.