Tim Tebow is Owned in More ESPN Fantasy Leagues than Chad Henne

Ryan Glasspiegel

Tim Tebow was out of the NFL for the entire season last year, and is not signed to a team, but that hasn’t stopped ESPN fantasy owners from putting him on their rosters at a greater rate than Chad Henne, who is starting for Jacksonville Week 1 in Philadelphia. As of this morning, Tebow was owned in 1.3% of leagues whereas Henne was sitting at .8%.

The numbers would probably be in relatively similar proportions on Yahoo, where Henne is available in 98% of leagues (the lone 2% probably include two-quarterback rosters, or Henne’s direct family members), but Tebow isn’t even eligible for rosters. (Tony Gonzalez, who is available on Yahoo rosters, is on the same percentage of them as Henne.)

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[Screengrab sent by @MBeemsterboer; h/t @PeterBurnsESPN]