Tim Tebow Has Been Awful Since His Hot Start, Batting .156 in A-Ball

Ryan Phillips

Tim Tebow hit a home run in his first at-bat as a professional baseball player. Then he hit another in his third game. It looked like the former NFL quarterback might shock us all and wind up being decent at this whole hardball thing. Then reality hit the 29-year-old like an Aroldis Chapman fastball to the ribs. Tebow has been horrible ever since.

In 12 games for the Columbia Firefiles, Tebow is hitting a robust .156 with an on-base percentage of .224 while slugging .289. Yikes. He has 45 at bats, seven hits, five runs scored, 13 total bases and three walks against 13 strikeouts. Those two early home runs are the only ones he’s hit.

A guy who is going to turn 30 on August 14 has three hits in his last 28 at-bats while facing 20-year-old kids.

Look, Tebow is clearly an athletic guy who will likely run in to a pitch or two from time to time and hit the ball very hard. No one is disputing that he has that potential. But he’s not, nor will he ever be, a baseball player.

Tebow has always seemed like a nice kid who just really wants to be a professional athlete. It’s understandable, since it’s a dream he’s been chasing since he was a little kid. But the writing is on the wall here. Once SEC media days roll around for football, he should give up this foray into baseball and get back where he belongs, discussing football from the sidelines.

That said, at this rate, Tebow may not last past Memorial Day.