Tim Tebow Engaged to Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters

By Jason Lisk

Tim Tebow is engaged, his new fiancee announced on her Instagram page, complete with a photo capturing the moment. He will be marrying former Miss Universe 2017 Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters.

People Magazine already has the play-by-play of the moment at his family farm on Wednesday at sunset.

"The couple strolled along the property, and stopped next to a small lake, where Tebow had installed an arbor and a specially made bench that was engraved with the date the couple first met".

"For about five minutes, Tebow and Nel-Peters talked about their relationship and its future in hushed tones before Tebow, 31, dropped to one knee. “Demi Leigh Nel-Peters, I love you,” he said. “Demi Leigh Nel-Peters, will you marry me?”

"As Nel-Peters said yes, Tebow slipped a 7.25-carat solitaire ring on her finger. “This ring is internally flawless,” he said. “Just like you.”

Tim Tebow remains out here making the rest of us look bad with a massive rock, a specially engraved bench, and some cheesy lines. According to People, Tebow also flew her family over from South Africa, imported a South African musician to serenade the family, and developed an elaborate ruse to keep her off the trail, by pretending to say they were getting together with his family because he was buying his dad a truck. (They call that lying where I’m from, Tim).

No word on a wedding date yet, and Tebow is still playing baseball and will be occupied this summer, so maybe we can get a wedding date on a SEC football Saturday when Florida is playing to set off quite the debate.