Tim Anderson Jokes About ESPN Not Covering White Sox While on ESPN Broadcast

Liam McKeone
Tim Anderson
Tim Anderson /

Tim Anderson and the Chicago White Sox are a fun, up-and-coming team. But because they are the "other" team in a two-team Chicago market and are a baseball team in general, they are not subject to as much coverage from the Worldwide Leader in Sports as one might expect. You're much more likely to see pundits discussing Mookie Betts' new home or the New York Yankees' latest scrimmage rather than the White Sox.

The team was, however, on ESPN last night when the network broadcasted a scrimmage between the White Sox and the Cubs. Anderson called into the broadcast remotely to chat about the upcoming season and poked fun at the broadcasters for the lack of coverage on his team. It was uncomfortable for a few seconds before Anderson's laugh gave permission to the rest of the booth to laugh along with him.

I'm glad Jon Sciambi, at least, rolled with the punches and got some more laughs, because the alternative was a few very awkward seconds of dead air. Nice zing by Anderson. It also lands home again if you look at Chicago's national TV schedule for the shortened season set to begin next week. The White Sox have all of four nationally broadcast games. One is on FOX, the rest is on FS1.