Tim Anderson's Walk-Off Set to 'Field of Dreams' Music Is Special

Ron Vesely/Getty Images

Nothing in baseball is guaranteed. Last night's Field of Dreams game could have been an incredible experience built around a boring, non-eventful nine innings between the Chicago White Sox and New York Yankees. Across a 162-game season, each team is destined to play 50-60 that are just kind of meh. But that's not what happened. We got the Hollywood ending, with Tim Anderson blasting an opposite-field walk-off after two dramatic dingers from Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton in the top half of the ninth.

It was, no hyperbole here, a perfect night. One of the best nights for baseball this century. That Anderson, a player who has never even seen the movie, emerged as a new type of hero, adds to an already impossibly rich text.

It's one of those weird times where it feels like any attempt to contextualize or wax poetic about just how perfect everything fell in place on a magical Iowa cornfield would just be wasted effort. Perhaps the best thing to do is just enjoy that rarest of rare feelings.

Of all the videos and photos posted in the aftermath of Anderson's heroics, this is our favorite. Joe Buck's home run call gives way to the film's score as he celebrates around the bases and fireworks explode.

Eleven hours later, it's still tough to believe all this happened. On that field. With the eyes of the world on a sport desperate for them.