Tiki Barber and Brandon Tierney: Jim Harbaugh Has Failed at Michigan

Ryan Phillips
Jim Harbaugh, Michigan State v Michigan
Jim Harbaugh, Michigan State v Michigan / Nic Antaya/Getty Images

Jim Harbaugh is facing a ton of scrutiny this week after his heavily-favored Michigan squad fell at home to rival Michigan State 27-24 on Saturday. Such a disappointing loss would be trouble for any head coach, but Harbaugh makes around $8 million a year and was supposed to return Michigan to national prominence when he arrived in December of 2014. He hasn't come close to accomplishing that task.

Tiki Barber and Brandon Tierney discussed Michigan on Monday's episode of Tiki and Tierney. Both men agreed we can't even rely on Harbaugh to beat the teams he's supposed to beat. They offered a harsh assessment on the situation in Ann Arbor:

The full segment is below, it starts around the 18:45 mark:

It's pretty crazy that will all the talent Harbaugh has recruited and all the money he's been given since he's been at Michigan, that he's 0-5 against Ohio State, 2-12 against top 10 teams and he's dropped three home games to Michigan State.

Harbaugh's contract is up after the 2021 season and it's hard to see Michigan extending him for the same amount of money at this rate. We'll see what happens but these two parties could be headed for a divorce.