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'Tiki and Tierney' Are Letting Winner of Bracket Challenge Co-Host the Show

Ryan Phillips
Brandon Tierney and Tiki Barber
Brandon Tierney and Tiki Barber /

It's that time of year, where NCAA Tournament bracket challenges dominate the sports world for the next three weeks. Everyone tries to find a creative spin on their bracket competition, but the folks at Tiki and Tierney may have just topped them all.

On Sunday, Tiki Barber and Brandon Tierney announced that the winner of their bracket challenge will get to co-host an hour of their WFAN show in studio.

That's a great idea and a fun way to promote the challenge. It'll also be a high-wire act with an untrained broadcaster in studio for an hour. I'm sure it will be entertaining. Hey, enter and you could find yourself in studio with the boys.