Brandel Chamblee Still Thinks Tiger Woods is Golf's Greatest Underachiever

Brandel Chamblee
Brandel Chamblee / Scott Halleran/Getty Images

Brandel Chamblee went on the golf podcast Sub Par this week and was asked whether he still believed Tiger Woods was the biggest underachiever in golf history. Chamblee proudly said yes, citing a few two-year stretches where Tiger under-performed and suggested that he should have won 10 more majors.

Just as a reminder, Tiger Woods has won 14 Major Championships, the second most of all-time. To suggest he somehow left 10 out there like they were grocery store circulars that he didn't grab out of his mailbox is just silly.

Chamblee originally said this in August 2018. For a counterpoint, let's go to Brandel Chamblee in a September 2018 appearance on CNBC where he calls Tiger, "the surest bet in the history of the game."

""Nobody has ever played golf like Tiger Woods. Nobody's ever handled pressure like Tiger Woods. Nobody's ever won by a wider margin than Tiger Woods.""

It's hard to know who is right, but it's probably not the guy who said Tiger Woods would never be a top player again.