Tiger Woods and His Son Are Playing a Tournament Together and It's Adorable

Stephen Douglas
Tiger and Charlie Woods
Tiger and Charlie Woods /

Tiger Woods is playing the PNC Championship this weekend alongside his 11-year-old son, Charlie. Video of the GOAT and the Tiger Cub warming up is beginning to emerge and it's the kind of thing that warms your heart during a cold holiday season and also makes you wonder exactly howlong it will take Charlie to catch Jack.

It's a cool moment. Tiger and his son, sharing some spotlight at an event on their own terms.

If Charlie Axel Woods does become a professional golfer, this is the exact kind of video that will be played during broadcasts as Charlie says he's his own man, develops a dark persona where he refuses to wear red on Sunday, and says he wants to be called Axel. This could be his Mike Douglas clip. Or he could end up doing whatever else he wants and this will just be an awesome moment between him and his father that will live forever.

Tiger and Charlie are also being caddied by a father-son duo. There is a Pro-Am today and the actual tournament will be played this weekend with coverage on Peacock, NBC and Golf Channel.