Phil Mickelson "Working On" Setting Up a Live Streaming Match With Tiger Woods

The Match: Tiger vs Phil - VIP After Party
The Match: Tiger vs Phil - VIP After Party / Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods were asked on Twitter about the possibility of playing a round of golf on camera to provide people with live sports. Being extremely online, Phil Mickelson answered quickly and in the affirmative saying he was "working on it." He then said he wasn't teasing, so we might get another Phil and Tiger match.

Tiger and Phil previously played a one-on-one match in November 2018 with Mickelson winning on the 22nd hole. The $9 million match was meant to be on pay-per-view, but it ended up being streamed for free.

Something like this would be wonderful. If they didn't change a single thing from the first time around, they would have $9 million they could give give to charity or buy medical supplies or help communities hit hard by Coronavirus. If they put the match on pay-per-view they could give away that money. Or put it on any network that would kill for the one live sporting event in the next couple months.

Golf is the one sport that can pull this off. Two golfers, two caddies (optional) and a small-ish broadcast team. Other golfers could even get involved from a safe distance. Yes, golf could do this. They could raise moral and money and give people something to gamble on. Phil and Tiger just need to lead the way.