Tiger Woods Headed to Augusta With Hopes of Playing in the Masters

2022 World Golf Hall of Fame Induction
2022 World Golf Hall of Fame Induction / Sam Greenwood/GettyImages

Tiger Woods arrived in Georgia this morning, a week ahead of the Masters Champions dinner. Tiger isn't just there for a free meal though. He reportedly hopes to play next week's tournament at Augusta National. Showing up means there should be optimism. It's just everything else that should scream pessimism.

Look, showing up is half the battle, but being able to get out there for 36-72 holes could prove tough. He hasn't played a PGA Tour round since his horrific car accident just over a year ago. He has a history of wanting to return from injuries, but being unable to. He missed the 2014, 2016 and 2017 Masters.

Of course, fans will always have 2019. That's proof that anything can happen with Tiger. He went a decade without a major victory and then boom! There he was on Father's Day winning the big one and suddenly it got super dusty in the living room. That's the feeling we all - including Tiger - are chasing as he tries to get to the tee box next Thursday morning.