Tiger Woods is Officially in the Field for the Safeway Open


Tiger Woods told the world that he planned to return to golf after a full year off on October 13th at the Safeway Open at Silverado Country Club in Napa, California.

There was much speculation ahead of Friday as to whether or not Woods would actually make his return because he hadn’t officially committed to the event. Woods had to take a couple of weeks off from preparing for his return to focus on the Ryder Cup. This could have posed a problem for him regarding his practice leading up to a return and on Thursday evening the hot takes were flying that Woods may not actually play this week.

That speculation is now gone. Woods is officially in the field for the Safeway Open.

Whether or not we’ll see the same Tiger that Jesper Parnevik has apparently seen on the course remains unknown, but if we don’t, let’s not all jump to conclusions regarding Tiger’s future. This will be Tiger’s first appearance at a tournament in 14 months. His last was at the Wyndham Championship in August of 2015.