Tiger Woods Back Soon

Kyle Koster
Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Tiger Woods hasn't played a competitive round of golf since Feb. 16 and his absence, though sadly somewhat routine at this point, couldn't be coming at a worst time as sports fans are bereft of entertainment and those on the links are among the selected few actually playing with sticks and balls.

But he'll back in a matter of days.

Woods announced he'll be playing in next weekend's Memorial in Dublin, Ohio, which is just the kick of adrenaline the golf world needs. Maybe the organizers can put him in a threesome with Brooks Koepka and Bryson DeChambeau as a buffer/accelerant depending on mood.

Again, not to be hyperbolic, but one wonders what it'd be like to have Woods competing for a win on a Sunday afternoon. Considering the relative atrophy that's set in, viewers at home may tear a muscle jumping off the couch.

Of course, that assumes Tiger is going to come in hot hitting fairways and greens. That seems like a big if at this point.