Tiger Woods Adds Voice to Calls For Greg Norman to Leave LIV Golf

Liam McKeone
Tiger Woods
Tiger Woods /

A few weeks ago, Rory McIlroy bluntly stated that Greg Norman needs to go if there would ever be any sort of reconciliation between the PGA Tour and LIV Golf. McIlroy has been something of a spokesperson for golfers who don't think highly of LIV, so his call for Norman to step aside felt indicative of a larger movement. Today, there was some confirmation of that as Tiger Woods said something similar.

Speaking to reporters in the Bahamas, Woods added his voice to the calls for Norman to step aside in order for the PGA and LIV to co-exist.

There's also the "small" issue of the two lawsuits between the organizations but it certainly says a lot that Woods' first thought was to say Norman needs to go.

It seems that Norman has done himself no favors by publicly bashing the PGA at every given opportunity. And now the PGA is making it clear that they'll play ball with LIV-- but only if Norman is out. The backers for the upstart tour have a decision to make.