Tiger King Episode 8 Betting Props Exist

Kyle Koster
A tiger just thinking about that action.
A tiger just thinking about that action. / JULIAN STRATENSCHULTE/Getty Images

As a nation on indefinite pause awaits the eighth episode of Tiger King, oddsmakers have swooped in to provide brief tangential distraction with some odds regarding the content of said installment. These are courtesy of BetOnline. If you're betting on what happens next on a show where the animals seem to have better sense than the humans, well, more power to you.

Who will be shown first in Episode 8?

Joe Exotic 3/2

Jeff Lowe 5/2

Carole Baskin 4/1

Joshua Dial 5/1

Rick Kirkham 6/1

Doc Antle 7/1

John Finlay 7/1

Dillon Passage 8/1

James Garretson 10/1

Travis Maldonado 10/1

How many times will "Baskin" be said?

Over/Under 7½

Will Joe Exotic say which actor he wants cast as him in a movie?

Yes -150 (2/3)

No +110 (11/10)

Will Joe Exotic say "COVID-19" or "Coronavirus"?

Yes -150 (2/3)

No +110 (11/10)

Will Jeff Lowe be arrested before Jan. 1, 2021?

Yes +550 (11/2)

No -1000 (1/10)

Will Jeff Lowe's daughter be shown?

Yes +150 (3/2)

No -200 (1/2)

Will Joe Exotic receive a Presidential pardon?

Yes +800 (8/1)

No -2500 (1/25)

It's unclear when -- or even if -- this rumored episode will air on Netflix. Watch this space.