Three Potential Jake Paul Opponents For His MMA Debut

Stephen Douglas

After a long, illustrious boxing career, Jake Paul is going to try his hand (and foot) at mixed martial arts. The YouTube star-turned-celebrity boxing star, has signed a deal with the Professional Fighters League where he will have one boxing match and make his professional MMA debut in 2023. The question is, who will he fight? Here are five possibilities.

Nate Diaz

Paul called out Diaz in his introductory video saying he offered Stockton's finest a two-fight deal where they box and then fight MMA six months later. Nate had lost three of four before choking out Tony Ferguson in September and now he's a free agent.

Rory MacDonald

If he wants to try something new, MacDonald, 33, is still an active fighter. He's just 5-6-1 since leaving the UFC in 2016 and 3-6-1 in his last 10 fights and has dropped four of his last five - all in the PFL. So he's already there. He's a recognizable MMA name. The only problem is he has so much experience while Paul is making his debut and there is just no way the fight should be sanctioned. But that's why Texas and Florida exist, so who knows.

Anderson Silva

Since he's open to fighting someone he previously boxed, why not Silva who he beat in September?Silva is the former UFC middleweight champion and on the short list for MMA GOAT. He turns 48 in April, last fought in the UFC in October 2020 and hasn't won a fight since February 2017. Over the last decade he's 1-7 (1NC). Unfrotunately, he's perfect.