Thon Maker Crossover Should Be Illegal for a 7-footer

By Jason McIntyre
Adidas Eurocamp - Day 2
Adidas Eurocamp - Day 2 / Roberto Serra/Iguana Press/Getty Images

Thon Maker, a lithe 18-year old who is 7-feet tall but possesses the crossover of a point guard, did this to one of his opponents Wednesday night in Las Vegas.

Remember when I said that Maker’s mix-tape reminded me of Kevin Durant, because so few people that tall and that nimble with the basketball are breathing on planet earth? It’s moves like this why I never took that comment back despite always-angry twitter jumping down my throat.

It’s a slight disappointment that Maker won’t be going to college this year. Eventually, he’s going to be must-see TV at Duke or Kentucky or wherever he goes.

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