This Supercut of Sean McVay Ending Press Conferences is Mesmerizing

Ryan Phillips
Sean McVay Rams
Sean McVay Rams / Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images

Sean McVay is a young, exciting football coach who is also extremely talkative. The Los Angeles Rams' leader actually says things in his press conferences and can unleash a lot of knowledge. He also finishes them in almost the exact same way every time.

On Friday Cameron DaSilva from Rams Wire posted a supercut of McVay ending his press conferences. There are three elements almost always in play: he thanks the assembled media, taps the podium and slides off in one direction or the other. It's amazing.

Check this out:

It's almost always, "Alright, thanks guys" but he mixes in, "OK, thanks guys" here and there, probably for effect. I mean, he has to see if they're actually paying attention, right?

I'll be honest, it's a really slow Friday and I was digging for things to write. I had no idea I was going to come across this gem. It's a video I didn't know I needed to see.