This Report On 'Generous' Cowboys Offers to Dak, Zeke, and Cooper Is Devoid of Proper Context

Ryan Glasspiegel

The Dallas Cowboys have a cap conundrum on their hands, needing to pay Dak PrescottAmari Cooper, and Ezekiel Elliott. Zeke is holding out, potentially for perpetuity, with essentially two years left on his deal while Cooper and Prescott are free agents after this upcoming season.

Jane Slater of NFL Media provided an update today as to where things currently stand:

The issue with this report is that being nominally in the five highest paid at their position only gives us a fraction of the equation as far as the generosity of the contract offer is concerned. We need to know how much is guaranteed for injury, and how much is fully guaranteed in order to have a real gauge of what’s going on here.

We really don’t know the specifics here, but let’s say hypothetically Cooper is offered a deal that makes him the fourth highest-paid WR in the league this season, but allows the Cowboys to release him in a year with little to no financial penalty. In that case, this would not be a very generous offer, and it is one that Cooper should play out for the end of his deal.

It’ll be interesting to monitor what happens with Jerry Jones and these players, but we need to know more than the average annual salary to truly have an idea of whether the offers should be seriously considered.