This Post Will Be Updated With Additional Belk Bowl Fights When They Happen

Kyle Koster
Virginia Tech v Virginia
Virginia Tech v Virginia / Ryan M. Kelly/Getty Images

The Belk Bowl has yet to kick off but when it does, things promise to get at least a bit out of hand. Kentucky and Virginia Tech have been at each other's throats all week. They've already traded obscenities at a NASCAR track and got the juices flowing.

Now they've scuffled on the field during warmups, with Kentucky quarterback-receiver Lynn Bowden once again at the center of things.

Now, if you're thinking 'hey that's not so bad,' consider there may have been an undocumented roundhouse punch.

Roundhouse! It's the Peter Griffin Bowl. Belk is the sponsor in name only.

So, yeah, there will be dust-ups. There will be donnybrooks. Could be a row or two. Possibly a fracas or even melee. We'll update accordingly.

Going to be fun.