This Javy Baez Slide is Poetry in Motion

Kyle Koster

Javy Baez has already established himself as one of the finest and most electric defensive players in Major League Baseball. Lately he’s been bringing that same magic to the batter’s box and basepaths. The Chicago Cubs infielder has been on fire in August, slugging .638 and blasting seven home runs. He now has 20 on the year and sports a .808 overall OPS in addition to his aforementioned glove wizardry.

On Sunday, Baez capped the Cubs’ comeback victory by sliding safely into home from somewhere on Waveland Avenue and immediately celebrating.

It is actually impossible for Baez to not exude righteous swagger while playing. The way he does the little things — like tags and hook slides — is spellbinding. He turns the minutiae into magnificence and is a gift from the baseball gods. Let us all take a moment to give thanks.