Think of the Most Random Sports Headline You Can and See If It's Funnier Than This

Kyle Koster

Bryce Harper has resumed some baseball activities and could be back before the start of the NLDS. The Washington Nationals would prefer he heal quicker so he can have a few at-bats before the playoffs. His health is of paramount importance and his every move is being closely monitored.

So I guess that explains why we have this wonderfully random story of Harper’s immensely tall Uber driver, courtesy of TMZ. It is quite possibly my favorite completely random sports news of the year.

How does a person see a headline like this and not click?

And sure enough, they deliver the goods with a great photo. Aurangzeb Khan towers over the 6-foot-3 Harper.

Khan isn’t actually the tallest man in the world but is definitely close enough to the crown to use it in advancement of his transportation business. One can think of no more comfortable way for an eight-foot man to make his living than by sitting in a car all day.

As I see it, the Nationals are now the favorites to win the pennant and will be until Kris Bryant finds a 8-foot-2 Lyft driver cruising around Wrigleyville.

Baseball is a game of inches.