They Razed Palace Nice, Right In a Parking Lot

Kyle Koster

In its time, the Palace of Auburn Hills was a state-of-the-art entertainment facility located, oh, what felt like several hours from downtown Detroit. The former home of the Pistons is no more as the city of Auburn Hills went through with plans to implode the deserted structure early Saturday morning. The controlled explosion went off without a hitch and, scientifically, looked cool as hell.

The 23,000-seat arena opened in 1988 and was home to three world-championship runs. Detroit basketball left for actual Detroit in 2017.

A fun fact most people might not know: in college I worked a fundraiser there and concession code dictated all volunteers be clean-shaven. So they gave me a Bic razor, no lube, and shepherded me down to the basement where I cut my face raw while standing shirtless in a hallway. It was freaking wild, man.

But, hey, the early part of this century was a different time with different norms. They didn't let just anyone pump orange-cheese stuff onto crumbly nachos.