These Yankees Fans Who Don't Realize They're Talking to Aaron Judge are Literally Unbelievable

Kyle Koster

A few years ago, Jimmy Fallon sent Mets pitcher Matt Harvey out to popular Manhattan park to ask people about Matt Harvey. Despite what eventually happened to Harvey, it was a good bit.

Fallon reprised it yesterday by sending Aaron Judge, the newest Yankee phenom, out to do the same thing. The results were literally unbelievable.

Like, I cannot believe that these self-avowed Yankees fans lacked the facial recognition skills to realize they were talking to Aaron Judge. I cannot believe they did not know that a 6-foot-8, 280-pound man asking them about a mammoth slugger might actually be the mammoth slugger. I cannot fathom why they signed the release after being pranked.

One could understand if it were a popular Giants or Rangers player able to disguise himself with glasses. Football and hockey requires helmets. Baseball play for hours on end with their faces free and ready to be captured by television cameras.

Then again, no one ever realized Clark Kent and Superman were the same guy.

Honestly, this clip is the most compelling evidence that Elaine Benes’ citywide nametag idea wasn’t the worst. Had it been implemented, these New Yorkers could have saved themselves serious embarrassment.