There's No Way This Alligator Is Actually That Big, Right?

Liam McKeone

Thursday morning brought us something new in the Viral Content department. Matt Devitt, meteorologist for WINK News in Florida, posted a picture a local resident captured of an alligator on a golf course. This in of itself is not terribly remarkable; alligators on golf courses are not that unusual, especially in Florida. But this one appears to be huge. Like Oh my god run-type stuff.

I mean... There's just no way it's as big as it looks, right? I am no photographer but am familiar with the concept of how camera angles can alter perception thanks to my side mirror reminding me objects may be closer than they appear. Sometimes, a weird angle can do funky things to a picture. That has to be what's happening here. This thing is the size of a Prius from how we see it. As many have pointed out, this is prehistoric if it is indeed as large as it appears.

For my own peace of mind, I simply have to believe there is no alligator that large. Absolute monstrosities like that are supposed to exist in my nightmares, and that is where they will stay.