There's Just No Way Trevor Lawrence Is Not in This TikTok

Liam McKeone
Trevor Lawrence
Trevor Lawrence / Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

A TikTok emerged over the weekend of two college students doing that TikTok thing where they dance and mouth lyrics. You may recognize one of the two students. He is awfully familiar.

Yes, that sure looks a whole lot like NCAA champion and future No. 1 overall pick Trevor Lawrence decked out in volleyball attire. It's tough to make out any logos on the clothing, but the resemblance to Clemson orange is strong.

Lawrence took to Twitter to deny claims it was him.

If he says it's not him, I guess it's not him. But all the evidence points to the contrary!

Unless he has a long-lost twin walking around, it just has to be him. It's nothing to be ashamed of, either. The dance moves are smooth. But how is that not Trevor Lawrence? Nobody else on Earth has that kind of flow. I simply cannot comprehend the absolutely minuscule chance that a random, college-aged person has that kind of physical resemblance to Lawrence this side of Kip Pardue (circa 2000).

If it really isn't him, the person in the video has a long life of being mistaken for a football player ahead of them. But if it looks like a duck...