There is No Proof MLB Owners Even Want a Baseball Season Right Now

Stephen Douglas
Rob Manfred in Washington.
Rob Manfred in Washington. / Joel Auerbach/Getty Images

Do any MLB owners actually want to have a baseball season? As ESPN's Jeff Passan points out, none of them have actually said they do. While players are publicly saying, "tell us when and where," owners remain silent, except to cry poverty about their billion-dollar business.

If you look at this pandemic from the owners' perspective, you should be able to understand why they might not want to play baseball. Honestly, doing a sport right now sounds like a huge hassle. Somebody has to pay for all that testing and the various bubbles. Plus, your employees want their same hourly wage while they try to make you money? Come on!

So for now it appears that only baseball players want to play baseball. Everyone else involved - including the guy in charge of the playing of baseball - seems very meh about the whole situation.