There is No Better Sound to Fall Asleep To Than a Fan

Stephen Douglas
An artistic Instagram filter on a box fan.
An artistic Instagram filter on a box fan. /

I love fans. No, not sports fans. I'm talking about actual fans. The only fans allowed at American sporting events right now. The machines that move air, generally with a cooling effect. I am of the opinion that they make the most soothing sound known to man.

This occurred to me last night as I got into bed. We had given a couple chairs a deep cleaning and wanted to help them dry overnight so we pointed a fan at them. That beautiful white noise floated all the way down the hall into my ears and it was just glorious.

It transported me back to my childhood bedroom. The country home my family built in the late 80's did not have central air. The only window unit air conditioner was in my parents' bedroom. If it was really hot, I would sleep on their floor and bask in the sweet relief of cold, conditioned air, but most nights I slept in my bedroom with a box fan in the window.

Eventually, I added a second fan to the rotation that I just put on a table for extra cool air. A third small fan might have also been involved at some point. I might have had a problem that only central air could ever really solve. When I bought my house, it was at a deal-breaker. But on the rare occasion that I have an excuse to turn on a fan, I'm transported back to a simpler time.

To this day I can't think of a sweeter noise than that made by a regular old box fan. There's just nothing quite like it. Sound machines just can't match that perfect sound. That's why I'll always be a fan of fans.