The Zion Williamson Cam is Here

Kyle Koster

Zion Williamson makes his NCAA Tournament debut tonight for Duke against North Dakota State. The world quivers with great anticipation. The content-consumers clamor for Wililamson-related content. And CBS is primed to give to them via a “Zion Cam.”

Marc Wolff, the network’s coordinating producer, peeled back the curtain on the fact CBS is peeling back the curtain at all times to keep tabs on the freshman phenom.

"“Because of Zion (Williamson), we have added a camera dedicated to him the whole time he is on the floor,” said Wolff, who has risen to be the network’s coordinating producer of college basketball. “We hired a cameraman, a camera, a digital tape machine to record everything he does.”"

"“We were recording his workout here today in the event something were to happen,” Wolff said. “We are monitoring Zion 24-7.”"

First, this seems like a solid play. The guy moves the needle and inquiring minds really want to know everything about him. Plus, spicing up a No. 1 seed’s sure rout is always welcome. Have to retain those eyeballs.

It’ll be a good idea not to actually brand this a Zion Cam because that’d be a weird scenario for student-athlete to find himself in. Next thing you know he’ll be wanting to share the revenue created or something crazy like that.