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The Worst Disney Movies of All Time

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Animated Disney movies have been a staple of childhoods for over 80 years. They succeed at a reliable clip and one could make the argument that they are only getting better as they explore more inclusive topics. That does not mean they're all good. Here are the worst ones.

Planes (2013)

A naked attempt at leveraging the success of the Cars franchise, this misguided adventure did not stick the landing. Dane Cook as an animated star never got off the ground. Despite the negative reviews, this one did decent at the box office and even inspired an equally forgettable sequel.

Home on the Range (2014)

This Western clocks in at 76 minutes, which is entirely too long. And if there's one thing that kids love, it's Westerns. Garish and flat, it felt outdated when it was released and has aged like a fine milk.

Tales from Earthsea (2006)

What? Did anyone actually see this? Had to triple-check this was a Disney release. Honestly, maybe it's good. Who would know?

Gnomeo and Juliet (2011)

Creating some sort of Shakespearian drama out of garden objects for kids seems like a bad idea on paper and in execution it wasn't much better. This film swings violently from being self-reverential about the playwright's assorted workers to juvenile laughter. All the while it's never clear what it should be, which is a good sign something shouldn't be at all.

Brother Bear (2003)

Even a solid Phil Collins bop cannot save the source material as a young boy becomes a bear embarks on a journey to become human again. Undeterred by disinterest and critical reviews, they made a sequel called, appropriately, Brother Bear 2, which is worse. But having two Brother Bear titles on this list felt like overkill.