The Ups and Downs of 'Stranger Things' Season 4

Liam McKeone
Courtesy of Netflix
Courtesy of Netflix /

Stranger Things, the most popular Netflix show to ever be produced, released its fourth season this summer. The final episodes dropped on July 1. Stephen Douglas and Liam McKeone gathered to discuss the happenings of Season 4. What worked? What didn't? How does it compare to previous seasons? What's going to happen to these traumatized Hawkins kids? Was Eddie Munson's Metallica scene the most epic on-screen shredding we've seen in a long time? And, most importantly, does Nancy end up with Steve or Jonathan?

0:30-4:00: Initial impressions, once again questioning why this is a summer show and not a Halloween show, and how Season 4 compares to Season 3.

4:00-13:15: How did the distance separating the central cast help and hurt this season? Do the Duffer Brothers need to change up the formula they've been using throughout the show? Will there ever be fatal consequences for main characters?

13:15-17:30: Discussing the two-day time jump at the very end of the final episode, what it robbed the viewers of, and asking if the season at large really needed to be as long as it was.

17:30-23:45: Things we liked, including: Eleven's backstory reveal, the origin of the Upside Down, the majesty of Jamie Campbell Bower's performance as Vecna, the Jock storyline, and Lucas' growth.

23:45-32:22: Odds and ends. Eddie's guitar solo, music as a through line, Kate Bush, Jonathan vs. Steve in pursuit of Nancy's affections, more screentime for Mr. Wheeler, and what the future holds.

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