The Undertaker Announces Retirement in Final Installment of 'The Last Ride'

Ryan Phillips
The Undertaker Mark Calaway at LSU v Texas
The Undertaker Mark Calaway at LSU v Texas / Tim Warner/Getty Images

The series about WWE's The Undertaker entitled, Undertaker: The Last Ride, had its finale on Sunday. In it, The Undertaker -- real name, Mark Calaway -- essentially announced that he's retired from professional wrestling.

The series detailed Calaway's search for a great match to end his career with. Several times things didn't turn out the way he wanted and he has wound up coming back for more. He seems to think his match with AJ Styles from Wrestlemania 36 was good enough.

In the finale, the 55-year-old Calaway addresses that and discusses how he wants to spend more time with his family.

""If Vince was in a pinch, would I come back? I guess time will only tell there. In case of emergency break glass. You pull out The Undertaker. I mean I would have to consider that. Never say never, but … at this point in my life, and in my career, I have no desire to get back in the ring.""

Then he said, "This time the cowboys really rides away."

Most are taking that line to mean Calaway has finally ended his time in the ring, walking away as possibly the greatest WWE superstar of all-time.

Calaway didn't officially announce he's done in so many words, but it seems like that's what happened.

The final installment of Undertaker: The Last Ride is available on WWE Network.