The UFC Put on a Show in an Empty Arena and Michael Bisping Still Asked Non-Existent Fans to Make Some Noise

Stephen Douglas
MIchael Bisping
MIchael Bisping / Hu Chengwei/Getty Images

The UFC held an event in Brasilia, Brazil on Saturday. While almost every other professional sports league in the world is postponed or canceled, the UFC is giving ESPN one last live event in an empty arena. And they still have plans to give them another event from London next weekend.

The fights were weird in an empty arena. Everyone was working off muscle memory as if there was a big crowd there making noise. That's why announcer Michael Bisping asked the non-existent crowd to make some noise after interviewing Renato Moicano after a win.

For the safety of everyone, it's good that other sports won't be trying this, but it sure would have been interesting to see an NBA game in this setting. Hopefully, the UFC's decision that the show must go on doesn't hurt anyone.