The Texas Longhorns May Never Find Their Way Back

Kyle Koster
Texas v Baylor
Texas v Baylor / Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Texas is once again a non-factor, both in its conference and nationally. The Longhorns were roundly spanked by Baylor, 24-10, this afternoon in Waco and now sit at 6-5 this year, a far cry from the high hopes they carried into the season. Tom Herman's third year will go down in the books as massively underwhelming, no matter how hard he headbutts his roster.

He's 23-15 at the helm in Austin and it could be argued that the program is no closer to being "back" than he was when he took over. Far from a savior, he's struggled to recapture the swagger and consistent winning synonymous with Texas football for decades.

And maybe it's no surprise. Because the kids Herman is recruiting were pretty young when the burnt orange was dominant. They've reached 10 wins once, nine wins once and eight wins twice since 2009. Since reaching the national championship, the Horns have struggled to a 69-58 mark.

The wild thing about Herman's tenure is that it could be so much worse. Seven of Herman's wins have been by six points or less, buoyed often by clutch kicking. Reminder: This is in the Big 12, which is extremely top-heavy and has been begging for a team to claim the No. 2 spot behind Oklahoma for years.

A regression of this nature should be unacceptable to the powers-that-be. On the other hand, no one has been able to solve this problem for a long, long time. It hardly seems possible that Texas finds itself going back to the drawing board time after time after each disappointment, but here we are.